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Our Blue Light Glasses Story

If you're similar to us at INCA, you spend long hours each day in front of a digital screen and consequently, blue light. The issue is that our eyes are not designed to be exposed to the harsh blue light emitted by computer screens, smartphones, televisions and more.

After experiencing tired, strained eyes and sometimes headaches and blurry vision, we realised that there was an issue that needed solving to improve our eye health, but no suitable solution for fashion conscious professionals like ourselves.

We set out on a mission to solve that, to improve eye health in the digital world. After a long time planning and perfecting design, we launched our INCA Classics collection, which provides a versatile, stylish solution to the digital eye strain issue. 

Our objective became clear: to reinvent computer glasses to be stylish and effective. We worked hard to create a clear lens that could filter blue light well and eliminate glare that fit within our classically inspired frames built from durable acetate.

We aren't stopping there though, we're on a mission to provide award winning customer service, educate the world about blue light and save eyes, one pair at a time.