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About Inca
Inca launched with an inspired and ambitious goal in 2018: to create non-prescription computer glasses that look great, whilst protecting your eyes against the effects of blue light.
Every idea starts with a problem and after working long hours in the office, we had one when we began experiencing digital eye strain caused by the blue light coming from our laptop and mobile screens. After searching the web for a fashionable pair of computer glasses, we were amazed at how difficult it was to find a high quality pair at an affordable price, so we set out on a mission to create just that.
Inca is that mission. We believe buying computer glasses should leave you happy, comfortable and looking-good, with money in your pocket. 

There’s nothing complicated about it. Good eye care, good looking, good outcome.
The glasses
Our commitment to offer a great price and quality means that we oversee every stage in production, from mood board to the finished product. All of our frames are thoughtfully designed by our talented and experience in-house creative team, which means we only provide the highest quality eye wear.
Our first range, Inca Classics, were carefully designed to be versatile and sophisticated with timeless style and an understated charm. After great feedback and plenty of healthier eyes, we are on track to launch new colours of Inca classics and two new ranges before 2019.
Company Information
Founder & CEO: Sam Vinden
Established: June 2018
Instagram: @incaglasses